The Process of Creating Art

The Process of Creating Art

Whether trained or self-taught, every artist is different. The same can be said about artwork – some is created through a very deliberative process using specific techniques and styles, or, on the other hand, by accident as a matter of chance. As for what constitutes a work as being art, any such definition undoubtedly includes a component of subjectivity. That said, here is one example of the process of creating art

The following digital art was created using Adobe Photoshop…

To begin, I selected a photograph of interest – here’s one I took of a building on the campus of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor:

The Process of Creating Art

Next, I cropped and desaturated the image, rotated the canvas (not the photograph) from a landscape to portrait orientation, and then performed the following transformations:

  • the image was scaled to move off canvas those areas in the photograph which contained wide gaps between structures;
  • the image was cropped;
  • a horizontal selection was copied, flipped vertically and merged;
  • I repeated this copy-flip-merge process a few more times, reducing the height of each subsequent selection.

Here’s the new image:

The Process of Creating Art

Next, the image was duplicated and rotated 90 degrees, scaled to fit the page and cropped, and the blend mode was set to Color Dodge, yielding the following:

The Process of Creating Art

The final steps of the process:

  • I created a new layer by merging all layers together (shift+alt+command+E), reversed the colors (Select > Inverse) and set the blend mode to Pin Light;
  • another new layer was created by merging all layers together, and two filters (Filter > Artistic > Poster Edges, Filter > Artistic > Cut Out) were applied;
  • two different texture layers (scratched metal, colorful linen) were added, with blend modes for each set to Overlay;
  • a levels adjustment layer was added to brighten the image.

Here’s the finished image…

The Process of Creating Art

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Thanks for stopping by ~ have fun creating art!

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