My Favorite Chick Corea Songs

My Favorite Chick Corea Songs

I’ve been listening to the jazz fusion sounds of seventy-five year old pianist & electric keyboardist, Chick Corea, for several years, but only recently learned that he is the fourth-most-nominated artist (63 nominations) in the history of the Grammys! I’m not surprised, though, as his diverse musical skills and styles have spanned a career encompassing 88 recorded albums…

Here’s a list of some of my favorite songs from the CD’s I own, wherein I’ve cited three selections per CD in the order in which they appear –

Chick Corea | Return To Forever – Light As A Feather (1973)

  • You’re Everything
  • Light As A Feather
  • Spain

Chick Corea | Return To Forever – Where Have I Known You Before (1974)

  • The Shadow of LO
  • Earth Juice
  • Song To The Pharaoh Kings

Chick Corea | Return To Forever – Romantic Warrior (1976)

  • The Sorceress
  • The Romantic Warrior*
  • Duel of The Jester And The Tyrant

Chick Corea – The Leprechaun (1976)

  • Lenore
  • Looking At The World
  • Leprechaun’s Dream

Chick Corea | Electric Band – The Chick Corea Electric Band (1986)

  • Electric City
  • King Cockroach
  • Silver Temple

Chick Corea | Electric Band – Eye of The Beholder (1988)

  • Forgotten Past
  • Beauty
  • Eye of The Beholder

Chick Corea | Electric Band – Inside Out (1990)

  • Inside Out
  • Make A Wish (Part 2)
  • Stretch It (Part 2)

Chick Corea | Electric Band – Beneath The Mask (1991)

  • Lifescape
  • Free Step**
  • Illusions

* – favorite song from the Return To Forever group
** – favorite song from the Electric Band group

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