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Sheet Metal In Space

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Riveted sections of sheet metal form the curved space of reflection, golden hues cast from a growing sun – or, something like that. This contemporary abstract artwork was created using the following software:

Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge & Affinity Photo

Guests are encouraged to visit my galleries – PixelsSociety 6Redbubble – to discover a wide assortment of interesting items available featuring this design.

Hope to see you soon!

Note: any watermarks displayed below will not appear on products.

Framed Prints

6 comments on “Sheet Metal In Space

  1. I think the yoga mat works esp well with this design, Phil! Maybe you can do a short post on how you use both Photoshop & Affinity Photo, ie, which functions you like best in each or such 🙂

  2. Love the looks-great-on-just-about-everything faculty of it. Even for a bed-cover! 🙂

  3. I am delighted with such a beautiful design 💖😍

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