Nature Photography

Ijams Nature Center In Knoxville, TN

Yesterday I visited Ijams Nature Center, a 315-acre park along the Tennessee River in Knoxville. Originally a marble and limestone quarry in the early 1900’s, it’s been converted now to serve as an outdoor recreation area with Mead’s Quarry Lake and a network of hiking/biking trails. There’s also a stand for refreshments.

Enjoy your visit!

6 comments on “Ijams Nature Center In Knoxville, TN

  1. looks cooling
    in summer
    heat 🙂

  2. So wonderful to be near so many great places of nature to visit, Phil!

    Your dappled-light railroad track is my fav 🙂

    • Glad you like it, Felipe – that shot turned out nicely. It’s certainly a fun place to visit 🙂

  3. Wow, beautiful place there! Love it! 💓

  4. Love Ijams! A hidden gem in a perfect (for me) sized city.

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