Nature Photography

Rock Island State Park

Part One

Rock Island State Park is a 883-acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers – in Tennessee. The rugged beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge below Great Falls Dam. Scenic overlooks – see header image – provide some of the most beautiful views along the Eastern Highland Rim.

While the park contains several different areas of interest, this was my second park-visit in one day – see Burgess Falls State Park. As such, most of my photography originates primarily from within the Caney Fork Gorge.


Photographs from my visit to Rock Island State Park – click pictures for information:


These photographs are available in my gallery at Pixels, and would look great on a wall in your home or office! Select from a variety of print types, including: framed, canvas, art, metal, wood and acrylic. You can customize it to make it your own!


Here’s a video of three 30′ waterfalls at Rock Island State Park

Watch for Part Two in the days ahead!

4 comments on “Rock Island State Park

  1. Beautiful pictures from nature 💓

    • Glad you like it, Balle! It was a wonderful place to visit and hike around. I always enjoy waterfalls, too.

  2. What wonderful landscapes!

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