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Lunch At McCloud Mountain Restaurant

I recently had the privilege of enjoying lunch at McCloud Mountain Restaurant, located atop the Cumberland Mountains at an elevation of 2700 feet. See the menu.

Contact 423-562-3282 for reservations.

Address: 1220 McClouds Trail – Duff, TN 37729

The food is delicious, though it’s really the view that draws patrons to visit McCloud Mountain. Here are some photographs from the restaurant, and the Skywalk

Enjoy your meal!

16 comments on “Lunch At McCloud Mountain Restaurant

  1. Beautiful!! I need to visit that part of the states one of my trips. It seems like we always go West or wherever our kids are living!!!

  2. Wow what a view! So what did you pick to eat? Are the fried green tomatoes good? 😃

  3. Great captures Phil, and the view is spectacular, have a nice weekend!!!

  4. Wow! What a treat, Phil! 😊

  5. All your pictures are very beautiful 💕

  6. wonderfully taking
    full advantage of hiking
    holidays 🙂

  7. I have a fear of heights;however, your photos alone would entice me to visit this area. Add a restaurant with great food and an amazing view? I’m in!!!😉

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