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Greeter Falls At Savage Gulf

See New Post: Lower Greeter Falls – 5/9/2020

See Earlier Post: Trail To The Stone Door – 9/26/2019

When I was through hiking the trail to the Stone Door and several scenic overlooks, I returned to my vehicle and drove to another area of the Savage Gulf State Natural Area – that being, Greeter Falls.

Greeter Falls

From the trailhead I followed the Greeter Falls Loop, which passes by another waterfall, Boardtree Falls. Unfortunately, there was no falling water – not even a drip! Moving right along, I arrived at a spiral staircase leading to the base of Greeter Falls.

Despite a minimal flow of water, I enjoyed a peaceful time at Greeter Falls for over an hour, as I was the only person on site. These falls are two-tiered, consisting of a 15′ (not seen) and 50′ drop. Here are a few photographs –


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7 comments on “Greeter Falls At Savage Gulf

  1. Wonderful Phil, have a great weekend!!!

  2. Those stairs could give you vertigo!!! (But it’s a beautiful site!)

    • Indeed. The spiral stairs were quite tall and required a cautious descent, thereafter allowing for great views!

  3. Fantastically beautiful 😍

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