Located in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina near the border with Tennessee, Andrews Bald is a high elevation grassy meadow which can be reached by hiking 1.8 miles along the Forney Ridge Trail. Named for Andres Thompson, a cattle herder who used the area in the 1840’s, it has the distinction of being the highest bald in the Great Smoky Mountains.

The trailhead begins near the end of the parking area by the paved trail to Clingman’s Dome, a very popular tourist destination. By contrast, Andrews Bald is much less traveled, with a 1200-foot change in elevation.

Here are some photographs –


Prints are available in my galleries at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “ Andrews Bald ”

    1. Great! FYI – my “Hiking” menu link is a good resource for sightseeing, with information about the places I’ve hiked. Be aware, though, that water-volume of waterfalls is less during autumn months. Have fun in the Smokies!

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