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Cascading Creek In Forest

I photographed this lovely cascading creek – Big Laurel Creek – along the trail while hiking to Virgin Falls, located near Sparta, Tennessee. See more.

21 comments on “Cascading Creek In Forest

  1. Wonderful shot Phil, it is perfect. The light, water and composition. Just Beautiful.

  2. Muralikrish


  3. Striking. You can almost hear the roar of those waters!
    Regards Thom

    • Thanks, Thom – glad you like it! I’d been considering this trail for a while, and finally made the hike. Very scenic!

  4. Corinthians Photography

    I always wanted to check out these falls. I finally got to see burgess falls last fall. Are the trails to these waterfalls hard to get to?

    • I parked at the Virgin Falls trailhead on Scotts Gulf Road. There are some rocky areas along the trail, but manageable at a slower pace. Big Branch Falls are the first waterfalls, without any difficulty to visit. Immediately before Big Laurel Falls, there’s one rough spot – but cables have been installed for assistance. Doing these 2 falls amounts to 4 miles roundtrip. If going the full distance to Virgin Falls, there is a loop with easier passage to the right – which also goes by Sheep Cave – though a shorter distance to the left. If you can make the hike, definitely check it out – there’s so much to see!!!

      • Corinthians Photography

        Thanks for the info! May try them sometime this year 🙂

  5. Amazing view! Thank you for sharing!

  6. What a beautiful waterfall! You’ve made it seem as if it were made of gold!

  7. Marvelous 👍👍

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