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Cascading Creek In Forest

I photographed this lovely cascading creek – Big Laurel Creek – along the trail while hiking to Virgin Falls, located near Sparta, Tennessee. See more.


    • Thanks, Thom – glad you like it! I’d been considering this trail for a while, and finally made the hike. Very scenic!

  1. Corinthians Photography

    I always wanted to check out these falls. I finally got to see burgess falls last fall. Are the trails to these waterfalls hard to get to?

    • I parked at the Virgin Falls trailhead on Scotts Gulf Road. There are some rocky areas along the trail, but manageable at a slower pace. Big Branch Falls are the first waterfalls, without any difficulty to visit. Immediately before Big Laurel Falls, there’s one rough spot – but cables have been installed for assistance. Doing these 2 falls amounts to 4 miles roundtrip. If going the full distance to Virgin Falls, there is a loop with easier passage to the right – which also goes by Sheep Cave – though a shorter distance to the left. If you can make the hike, definitely check it out – there’s so much to see!!!

      • Corinthians Photography

        Thanks for the info! May try them sometime this year 🙂

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