Nature Photography

Cane Creek Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spencer, Tennessee, Cane Creek Falls stands 85-feet tall and is part of the Fall Creek Falls State Park.

I recently had an opportunity to access Cane Creek Gorge, via the Cable Trail, a short, rocky and steep descent pathway leading to the base of Cane Creek Falls. Note that, depending on the volume of water present, there is also a second waterfall – Rockhouse Falls (125-feet) – situated on the left side of the gorge.


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9 comments on “Cane Creek Falls

  1. Once again…another great, wet, waterfall post.

  2. Another wonderful picture Phil, congratulations my dear friend 🌹😊wishing you a lovely day 💐🌹

  3. I’m loving all that color up behind the falls, incredible!

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