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Stinging Fork Falls

Located along Little Soak Creek on the Cumberland Plateau in Rhea County, near Spring City, Tennessee, Stinging Fork Falls provide hikers with a picturesque 35-foot waterfall.

Recently, private property adjacent to the trail has been cleared. As such, the trail begins along the edge of an open field. Soon, though, hikers enter the forest en route to a deep gorge, the trail of which is rated as moderately difficult. Proper footwear is recommended.

It had rained prior to my visit, so I proceeded with a heightened sense of caution. In the gorge, steep hillsides were covered with loose rocks, damp with moss and water-saturated fallen leaves, presenting an appreciably slippery surface. Also, rain-soaked, makeshift wooden-steps posed a hazard.

As I continued, I soon heard the sound of running water audible through the forest. After several downhill switchbacks, the trail brought me near the top of the waterfall, where several beautiful cascades were visible.

Turn left at the base of the gorge to proceed to Stinging Fork Falls.

Stinging Fork Falls

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21 comments on “Stinging Fork Falls

  1. Great post! 🎃🎃🎃

  2. I wonder how it got the name “stinging fork”?

  3. Wonderful post and a great picture 👌👌👌🌹🤗❤️

  4. A beautiful fall walk. Too bad about the cleared land. It is a bit of an eyesore. Stay well Phil. Allan

  5. What a gorgeous setting, beautifully captured. Lookin’ for my hiking boots!!

    • Thanks, Jan ~ glad you like it 😊 It really was a beautiful place to visit, and my timing was good. Many of the local waterfalls dry up by late summer into early autumn, so I try to keep attentive ✅ to rainfall around the area.

  6. tiffanymendonca

    Your pictures are always beautiful! I love the way you captured the flowing water in these, looks amazing!

  7. Wow 😍 Fantastic photos 👍👍👍

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