Nature Photography

Waterfall At Frozen Head

Under an eroded rock ledge at the Frozen Head State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, this photograph captures the 20-foot tall Emory Gap Falls. Prints are available through Pixels, ArtFlakes and ArtPal.

9 comments on “Waterfall At Frozen Head

  1. Wonderful. What advice would you give to beginners in photography? ❤

    • I would say that it’s important to learn to shoot in Manual Mode, but not always. For waterfalls, I prefer using Aperture Priority Mode, with low light and a tripod. Look to include leading lines within your composition, and, if possible, explore areas off the beaten path – there’s so much to see! Also, there are lots of good video tutorials, I’ve found.

  2. Wonderful picture my dear friend.wishing you a lovely Friday and God bless you Phil!

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