Year In Review 2020

Time sure flies, and I’ve enjoyed many things in the year 2020. Here are some details:

And, a wonderful new friendship…

Carla Milho

Writer | Red Warrior

Lisbon, Portugal

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year 2021 ~ the best is yet to come!

17 comments on “Year In Review 2020

  1. Good morning my dear friend, I am truly grateful for have the opportunity to know such a lovely and wonderful person just like you.. You are really one of a kind!
    I hope that the year of 2021 brings you the things that you most wish, you deserve all the best in the world, my dear friend Phil 👏👏👏God bless you 🙏🌹🤗

    • Meeting and sharing a friendship with you, Carla, has truly been a blessing for me, and I feel honored 💯 You are one of a kind, indeed, a beautiful woman whose writings and sense of humor I enjoy very much! Thanks for everything and I wish you all the best in life going forward 😊 Happy New Year 2021 & God bless you, my dear friend Carla 🙏🌹🤗

      • The honor is all mine my dear friend Phil 🥂God bless you 😘😘😘

      • I am very fortunate to have you as a dear friend, a believer in me, pushing me to go forward and to become a better person too, so I am truly grateful 😊🙏🌹

        • You are an inspiring woman of courage and good character, Carla, whom I deeply respect. I value your friendship very much & appreciate all you have done for me ~ thank you 😊🙏🌹

  2. Happy, healthy New Year

  3. Happy New Year 🎆, Carla. You have made 2020 a better year for me. I hope you have love and abundance for you and your family in 2021. Scott

  4. A very great and Happy New Year Phil !!
    All the best for you, Love and Joy

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