Abstract Digital Art

What is this – a broken heart? Volcanic lava? An advertisement for the 1958 sci-fi horror movie, The Blob? No, none of the above. But, this abstract digital art is available on a variety or prints – simply visit my gallery at Pixels to see more. Thanks for stopping by!

By Phil

I'm a self-taught graphic artist with a penchant for all things creative, and feature an eclectic collection of unusually imaginative designs available through various print-on-demand galleries. Enjoy a look around my portfolio, collections and blog, and follow me on Twitter for more updates - thanks!


  1. That’s a very special piece of digital art! Mysterious, richly saturated, and WOW textured! 👏👏👏👏 “The Blob!!!!” That movie (I think I was 7) scared me for WEEKS! Whenever I got near an air vent I was sure THE BLOB was going to ooze thru and attack! LOL! I hope you sell a lot of them!!

    1. Yes, THE BLOB was scary at the time!! Later, though, when I realized the creature moved slower than the speed of a person walking, the fear which paralyzed those movie actors seemed unfounded 😂😂😂 Have a nice day, my friend Robin 😊🌹

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