Hi, I’m Phil Perkins, a self-taught graphic artist from Knoxville, Tennessee, with a penchant for all things creative. Here you’ll discover an eclectic collection of unusually imaginative designs made available for sale on a wide range of items, through various print-on-demand galleries.


To develop art and designs, I use the following creative software: Adobe Photoshop, Filter Forge, Affinity Photo and Bryce. Common subject matters include nature, space, surreal, abstract & patterns.


For photography, I use a Nikon D7500 with 21 megapixels, focusing on architecture, industrial structures, macro captures, bodies of water and the great outdoors – especially waterfalls!


Hungry to compete, I took 1st place in a pie eating contest circa 1974. Even today, locals reminiscence about the speed with which I devoured deserts at a young age ~ I’ve never seen anything like it!


Pages of similar designs have been organized into a wide variety of collections, for your viewing convenience. Enjoy such interests as science fiction, graphics, macro fractals, mixed media & much more!

The Great Outdoors

A seven-year road bike enthusiast from Michigan, I’m now living in Tennessee, with fewer riding surfaces and much bigger hills! To such ends, I’ve discovered and very much enjoy hiking in the mountains & around waterfalls.

This Site

My web site is hosted through wordpress.com and uses a premium theme called Eris, a clean and responsive portfolio theme for creatives.

Have you purchased something recently with one of my designs? If so, I’d love a photograph of the item to post on my web site. Please send your pictures to hello@perkinsdesigns.com.


In these different print-on-demand marketplace galleries, my designs are applied to a line of unique products which are available to the public. In most cases, purchases using PayPal are accepted, in addition to credit/debit cards.

Thanks for stopping by!