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Abstract Pattern Skateboard

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Emory Gap Falls At Frozen Head

I recently visited Emory Gap Falls, a 20′ waterfall located at Frozen Head State Park near Wartburg, Tennessee, enjoying a pleasant autumn afternoon along my three-mile (roundtrip) hike. The trail also passed by a waterfall known as Debord Falls – more on that another time.

The trailhead is located at the end of the park, where the road stops at a parking area. It’s a half-mile hike to Debord Falls, and another one-mile until you’ll reach Emory Gap Falls. Initially, the trail is wide with good footing and limited changes in elevation. Follow the signs, and don’t cross the bridge –

The trail follows two streams – Panther Branch & Emory Gap Branch. At one point, it changes direction, leading up hill and away from the water. While this seems counter intuitive, hikers should follow the signs to stay on track –

Here are a few images which I photographed while hiking along the trail –

The trail eventually rejoined the stream, sounds of which grew louder as I approached the waterfall. As seen below, my first views of Emory Gap Falls

Emory Gap Falls


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Barnett Bridge At Obed

Located in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, Tennessee, Barnett Bridge spans the scenic Clear Creek.

Observing a sign while driving along TN-298 S, I followed a narrow road down a long hill with several steep switchback turns. At the base was parking, restrooms and an old stairway leading toward the water. So, I began to hike along a leaf-covered trail parallel to the river.

After approx. 1/2 mile, I came to a clearing with some wonderful views of a rock-strewn waterway, featuring autumn colors reflecting across the river:


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Jett Bridge At Obed

What began as a plan to visit a location on Clear Creek, called Double Drop Falls – located in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, near Wartburg, Tennessee – ended at a gate on John Q. Wyatt Road:

Though my dashboard navigation indicated that the road continued a short distance beyond this point, access had been thwarted and I needed to find some place else to hike. I ended up visiting several places that day – including:

Jett Bridge was a short stop, a spot apparently popular with kayakers to put into the water along Clear Creek. I took a few photographs of remnants from an old bridge, and the bridge currently in use:

I’ll post more photographs from other places listed in the days ahead…

Nemo Bridge Trail At Obed


Photograph (above, modified) & information (below) from placard located on site.

After the Civil War, saw and grist mills emerged in Tennessee’s Morgan and Cumberland counties. Corn meal, flour, logs, and other goods from the early lumber and pulp industries were shipped along this bridge.

The Cincinnati Southern Railway was built across the Cumberland Plateau here at Nemo in the 1870s. It became part of the Southern Railway system in the late 1890s. Many small extensions like the Catoosa Railroad were built to tap timber, coal, and other natural resources.

The epic flood of 1929 destroyed the means by which workers made a living, ripping up railway lines and washing away virtually every mill and building in its path – just as America sank into the Great Depression.

The Hike

I recently visited Wartburg, Tennessee, where I enjoyed a 5 mile (roundtrip) hike along the Nemo Bridge Trail to Alley Ford. Located in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, the trailhead begins at the Rock Creek Campground and continues 14.2 miles to the distant Devils Breakfast Table.

The hike to Alley Ford is rated as moderately difficult with several changes in elevation. There is also a very rocky downhill section of the trail near the end which requires deliberate footing. It was a cold 30-degrees when I began the hike, along which I encountered layers of rain-soaked leaves, creating slippery conditions and, periodically, effectively camouflaging the trail.

Along the way I enjoyed seeing many different sandstone cliffs, colorful autumn foliage, a large group of wild turkeys, and, at the end, the Obed River. Due to recent rains, though, many of the river-rocks otherwise visible at Alley Ford were covered in water.



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The Tipton Place At Cades Cove

The Tipton Place is located along the scenic 11-mile drive in Cades Cove near Townsend, Tennessee. A homestead originally settled by Revolutionary War Veteran William “Fighting Billy” Tipton in the 1820’s, descendant Hamp Tipton later built the two-story timber-framed house in 1878. The grounds contain several rustic buildings, of which visitors may enjoy exploring – as seen below:



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