Unidentified Flying Objects

Above a frozen sea of an alien world strewn with peaked mountains, two mysterious blue orbs remain locked in space, hovering motionless. Visiting this alien world takes a little imagination, and your first stop to my gallery at Society 6 is a step in the right direction. Many out of this world items are available for purchase as gifts and/or apparel, for family, friends or for yourself. Enjoy!

Sci Fi Landscape

Welcome to another world, a science fiction landscape of jagged mountain peaks and a mysterious turquoise sphere reflecting in the distance. Guests are welcome to journey to my galleries at Society 6, Redbubble and/or Pixels, to discover a wide assortment of original gifts and apparel available print on demand. Thanks for stopping by.

Space Debris

This black and white digital art features structural debris floating in space. The remnants, perhaps, of a space station after a collision with a rogue meteorite. Either that, or the discarded pieces of a Lego set from an alien planet? You may decide for yourself by visiting my galleries at Fine Art America and/or Society 6.