Volcanic Island In Ocean

  • Style: 3D render
  • Genre: Landscape
  • Software: Bryce, Adobe Photoshop, Affinity Photo, Filter Forge
  • Shops: Pixels, Cafepress, Zazzle

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

By Phil

I'm a self-taught graphic artist with a penchant for all things creative, and feature an eclectic collection of unusually imaginative designs available through various print-on-demand galleries. Enjoy a look around my portfolio, collections and blog, and follow me on Twitter for more updates - thanks!


  1. How did you this metallic reflection? Did you used a filter or did you copy those color from a second picture……..I have nothing more to say because all your pictures are great. And sorry, I know my English is a mess:-))))) Understanding is more easier

    1. Thanks, dear Juny ~ glad you like it 😊🌹 This image is totally digital, created using a software program called “Bryce”. So, the reflections are a result of the type of water I chose to apply, and also adjustments I made to variables within that material. I’ve always liked this design, too 👍

      1. Hi Phil,I have read the description of this program. It seems to be a 3D program, right? I don’t think I’d get it. No matter, it looks good. Spontaneously I would think you could insert the color into the water with photoshop. But I didn’t try. Let me see.. :-)))))) Thanks for the massage…nicole

        1. Ah, Nicole ~ that’s a nice name 💐 I was calling you Juny, please forgive me. Yes, it is a 3D program. It was free, and, now, only works on a PC (not Mac). It took a while to learn but was fun, so that made it better. If you ever decide to try the program, I’d be happy to offer some tips. Also, I think your English is quite good 😉 Have a nice day, Nicole 😊

          1. Juny is fine too. JUNY comes frome june, like june moon. There is a German song ,it is called junimond 🙂 There is the name comes from. Oki I will dry it .I have almost 30 programms on my PC. Actually too many. Have you see . I tried to make gold…. :-))) on photoshop. It needs a little bit more practis 😉

          2. Sounds good, dear Juny 😊 I’m happy to provide some useful information to help you get started, so let me know if you get the program. Alternatively, if you wanted something which more closely integrates with Photoshop, then you might consider Filter Forge. Also, I saw your golden tone and thought it looked nice 😉 Have a great day my friend 🌹

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