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Concrete Forest
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Concrete Forest

This black and white photography features a forest setting with large rows of deteriorating, moss-covered concrete slabs aligned in a row. If you’d be interested in seeing more, don’t stumble through the woods hoping to uncover an ancient civilization – stop by my gallery at… Read More

Geometric Box of Colors
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Geometric Box of Colors

Enjoy this fun, geometric graphic art with colorful layers and texture. Guests are encouraged to visit my galleries at Pixels and Society 6 to discover a multitude of interesting items available print on demand. Check it out… Many great gift-giving ideas!

Mountains And Monuments

Mountains And Monuments

Mountains of a magnitude many times mightier than the monuments of man. Landscapes larger than life. And so we dream, aspire and build. – Phil Perkins If you’re interested in this image as home decor, or for the office, please visit my gallery at Fine Art… Read More

Tribal Pattern Printed T-shirt

Tribal Pattern Printed T-shirt

  This abstract tribal pattern all over printed t-shirt is printed from seam to seam, and the cotton-soft 100% polyester wicks moisture and maintains a rich color throughout. Step out in style with this one-of-a-kind garment, made by American Apparel. Enjoy!

Stonehenge Wall Tapestry

Stonehenge Wall Tapestry

  There’s a full moon over Stonehenge and an empty space on your wall. So, why not add some decoration? Available in three sizes, this cool wall tapestry is made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges and is durable enough for both indoor… Read More

Colorful Geometric iPhone Case

Colorful Geometric iPhone Case

  Enjoy this iPhone case featuring a colorful and grunge style abstract image, designed in a geometric pattern reminiscent of Aztec or Mayan practices. Available in Tough or Snap styles for several different cell phone models. Protect your investment with this extremely durable case!

I Survived The End of The World

I Survived The End of The World

This graphic design was originally created to acknowledge an upcoming date about which many people were conversing – the Mayan prophecy of cataclysmic events scheduled to coincide with December 21, 2012 (the end of the 5,126 year Mesoamerican calendar)… Available in these galleries ▸ Zazzle,… Read More