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Surreal Elephant Desert Scene

Surreal Desert Elephants

Featured, Surreal December 15, 2017

Enjoy this surreal desert scene, featuring elephants walking in a single file line on a quest for water, with transparent flatscreen monitors rotating in depth.

To create this design, I used Bryce, Adobe Photoshop and Filter Forge software.

Available in these galleries ▸ Society 6, Redbubble, Fine Art America, Cafepress

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Seagulls Along The Shore

Seagulls Along The Shore

Nature, Photography August 19, 2017

This black and white photography features seagulls along the shore of Lake Superior, as seen in Michigan’s upper peninsula at Marquette. A favorite spot as a child, you too can enjoy this rocky, island environment – on a wall in your home, or at the office. Stop by my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a wide array of prints…

A Monkey Scene Drawstring Bag

Fun Monkey Scene Drawstring Bag

Graphics, Products January 3, 2017


This 100% polyester woven fabric drawstring bag is perfect for young students carrying books to school. It measures 15.5″ across and 19.5″ tall and has a wide, soft drawcord that’s easy on the shoulders. Printed on both sides. Quality construction using metal grommets. Makes a great gift!

Bigfoot In Shades Stickers

Bigfoot In Shades Stickers

Graphics, Products December 27, 2016


His identity concealed with style behind a pair of sunglasses, Bigfoot is able to wander the Pacific Northwest unfettered, incognito. Ideal for smooth flat surfaces like laptops, journals, windows and walls, these removable, individually die-cut vinyl stickers are a blast. Available in four sizes – here, small measures 3″ by 3.9″. The large size measures 10.8″ by 14″. Each sticker has a 1/8″ white border. Enjoy!

Geese At Rest And Flying

Geese At Rest And Flying

Nature, Photography October 3, 2016

Sometimes it’s nice to have your camera on hand, such as yesterday when I decided to photograph points along my bike route. Familiar with areas along the path to highlight, I wasn’t surprised to see a group of Canadian Honkers Geese bathing in the shallows along the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a sight frequently observed. However, the flock of geese in the background, flapping noisily across the water to achieve flight, was both a surprise and a treat! Available in my gallery at Pixels on a variety of items…