Abstract Structures

Boxes of Orange

Stacked, empty black and white crates with a background gradient of orange blending to yellow. Simple. Fun. Available in my shops at Redbubble and Pixels. Check it out…

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Abstract Nature

Succulent Plants Abstract

Nice design. Cool products. Two places – Society 6 & Pixels. Enjoy!

Disc Golf Graphics

Disc Golf Basket

This colorful, abstract and three dimensional graphic design features the silhouette of a disc golf basket, and is available on many different products in my shops at Zazzle and/or Cafepress. Thanks for visiting!

Nature Science Fiction

Endless Mountains

Layers of mountains fill this digital landscape as far as the eye can see. You can see some cool items available featuring this scenery, by visiting my shop at Zazzle – it’s located a short distance beyond the last mountain peak, so you better bring your hiking boots!


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Graphics Structures

Vintage Mackinac Bridge

Enjoy this stylized vintage photograph of the Mackinac Bridge, connecting Michigan’s Lower & Upper Peninsulas, and defining the boundary between Lake Michigan & Lake Huron. See more in my shops at Pixels and/or Zazzle. Thanks!

Abstract Surreal

Abstract Gemstones

This colorful & creative digital array of three dimensional abstract gemstones has been added to a wide variety of products in my shops at Society 6 and Pixels. So, stop by for a visit to see more!

Graphics Products

Motorcycle Engine

This cool, colorful and creative motorcycle engine design has been added to my shops at Pixels and Zazzle. You can stop by for a visit to discover a wide variety of products, such as:


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Graphics Photography

Vintage Miami Sunset

Enjoy a variety of products featuring this stylized vintage photograph of the Miami, Florida skyline at sunset, as seen from across Biscayne Bay. Visit my shops at Pixels and/or Zazzle.

Graphics Patterns

Autumn Colors Geometric Abstract

Visit my galleries at Redbubble and/or Pixels to enjoy many different products featuring this simple, textured geometric design in an autumnal earth tones color palette.

Graphics Space

It’s Full of Stars

There are many words which could be used to describe this design – stars, abstract, kaleidoscope, symmetrical, space, graphic design, colorful, textured, balanced, mirror image, etc., and so on. I just think it’s cool, and hope you will, too. Visit my shops at Society 6 and/or Pixels for more. Thanks!


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Nature Structures

Sunrise In The Forest

Enjoy this forest scene among the trees, as a strengthening morning sunrise glows brightly from the eastern horizon. Visit my galleries at Pixels and/or Zazzle for product information. Thanks!

Science Fiction Space

Planetary Surfaces

Looking down on the surface of a planet deep in outer space, it didn’t take much time for the mission commander to conclude that this terrain would be far too dangerous to attempt a landing…

Actually, this digital artwork features a macro perspective of a fractal design extruded in three dimensional space. It’s available now in my gallery on some cool, out of sight items – check it out!

Graphics Products


Enjoy this textural, monochromatic pattern design with movement on a multitude of different product-types, in the following galleries:





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Science Fiction Structures

Reflections of Another World

A strange metallic surface in hues of gold, with jagged peaks, glowing orange orb and blue skies…I must be dreaming. An adventure awaits those who visit my shops at Society 6 and/or Pixels, where you’ll discover many great gift-giving ideas!!!

Abstract Graphics

Compact Disks

I created this colorful, grunge-style collage with two photographs of compact disks from my music collection. Next, I added the design to my shops at Pixels and Zazzle. The final step in the process involves you – so, stop by for a visit and purchase something you like. Thanks!

Products Science Fiction

In The Rough

I considered naming this design, “(it’s not a diamond) In The Rough”, though that title seemed long. Whatever form of gem this may be, it’s certainly lodged in a difficult to access area. Hint: you can acquire it more easily by simply visiting my galleries at Pixels and Zazzle, each of which feature a variety of interesting items…

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