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Bald River Falls

Although most parks remain closed due to concerns about COVID-19, the picturesque Bald River Falls in the Cherokee National Forest can be enjoyed roadside. Prints available.

Nature Photography

Bald River Falls Close Up

Here’s a shot using my zoom lens…Bald River Falls, located in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of the Cherokee National Forest, in Tennessee. See more.

Nature Photography

Return To Bald River Falls

Located in the Cherokee National Forest of the Southern Appalachian Mountains in eastern Tennessee, the scenic Bald River Falls stands 90-feet tall and can be viewed from River Road.

Feeding into the Tellico River, another waterfall known as Baby Falls is conveniently situated less than half of a mile away. However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent closure of most park facilities during this period, access wasn’t possible.

Bald River Falls

This was my third adventure visiting Bald River Falls – see more:

Roadside Waterfall

Single-sized parking spaces are periodically located along River Road, though during my visit, most were occupied by folks visiting the Tellico River for fly fishing. Luckily, I found a spot –

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Prints Available

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Nature Photography

Southeast Tennessee Road Trip

The state of Tennessee has many wonderful areas in nature to explore, and I’m usually well-prepared for such adventures – proper clothing and gear, food and water, review of weather conditions, directions, well-rested, etc.. However, it’s not possible to plan for every contingency, as I recently discovered.

Traveling to Farner, Tennessee, my destination was Turtletown Falls. Though the small town lacked clear signage, I happened upon a Postal Carrier who provided me with helpful directions:

Across from the small Post Office, you’ll see an old school that’s closed. Take that road for a few miles until you see a brown sign with an arrow pointing left. Turn there to get to Turtletown Falls.

After turning left, I drove for a mile or two, though was stymied by a one-foot deep stream across the dirt road. In a compact rental vehicle at the time, I wasn’t interested in getting stuck or stalling-out in the middle of nowhere. So, I reluctantly turned around and drove away; alas, no Turtletown Falls.

How About Bald River Falls?

Backtracking, I decided to visit Bald River Falls, a 90-foot falls which feeds into the Tellico River. Along the drive I photographed this interesting covered bridge:

Bald River Falls

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Enjoy The Great Outdoors!!!


Nature Photography

Bald River Falls In Tennessee

Located in the Cherokee National Forest of the Southern Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee, Bald River Falls is where the Bald River, a major tributary, empties into the Tellico River. With an elevation of 90 feet, the falls are visible from the scenic Tellico River Road (Forest Service Road 210), which was built on an old logging railroad bed.

Sign at top of Bald River Falls

Hiking with my camera, I’m always interested in a variety of perspectives from which to photograph subject matter. In this case, I wanted a view from the top of the waterfall. So, at 55 years old, weighing 235 lbs. and carrying a heavy backpack, I scaled steep, damp surfaces covered with slippery moss, clinging for stability to small trees, roots and fissures in rocks. It was, at times, a challenging climb, only to discover that, once at the top, there was an easier way – an established trail. D’oh!

Trail at Bald River Falls

Following a few days of rain, the Bald River Falls were heavy with water and rumbled loudly through the gorge, splashing mist into the air to cast a rainbow over the plunge pool and road. As such, I repeatedly needed to dry the lens of my camera.



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