Goose By River

Goose By River

I photographed this goose balancing on one leg this morning along the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan, at Nichols Arboretum. Now, it’s available for any lover of wildlife in my gallery at Fine Art America – perfect for the home, office, cafeteria or lobby spaces. Thanks for stopping by!

Seagull Waiting

Seagull Waiting

This seagull rests on a rock at sea, hungry and waiting for a fish to swim by for lunch. But you don’t have to wait to enjoy a new picture on a wall in your home! Simply visit my gallery at Fine Art America and select one of many different print types available – framed, art, canvas, wood, acrylic and metal. Enjoy!

Bird In The City

Bird In The City

Perched high above the city below, this blue and yellow Macaw parrot scans the urban landscape for any sign of a palm tree or rooftop garden. You can bring this bird into your home (or office) by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America, where you’ll discover a broad array of print types available. So, drop by when you’re in the neighborhood!

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

I photographed this Grey Heron on a bike ride from Ann Arbor to Dexter, Michigan, at Boyden Creek. A wide variety of prints are available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Check it out…

Time To Reflect

Time To Reflect

After a long summer day of flying and feeding, this seagull takes a moment to rest and reflect. If you’re on a break, feel free to stop by my galleries at Society 6, Fine Art America and Zazzle. There, you will find many interesting items available as gifts and apparel. Think about it…

Bird Feeder In Sight

Bird Feeder In Sight

From a bird’s eye point of view, this bird feeder full of seeds sure seems suitable for a meal – breakfast, lunch or dinner! Drop by my gallery at Fine Art America to see this design on prints, greeting cards, throw pillows, tote bags, shower curtains and phone cases.

Seagull On The Shoreline

Seagull On The Shoreline

Enjoy this oceanside setting of a seagull viewing the shoreline scenery while perched on top of a fence post. This is a collage using two photographs. In the background is the Pacific Ocean, as photographed from Hermosa Beach, California. Guests can discover a great selection of available prints by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America. Enjoy!

Bird On A Branch

Bird On A Branch

This digital artwork features my textural rendition of a bird perched on a branch, resting peacefully, and would look great on a wall in your home, classroom or office. Check out my gallery at Fine Art America for more…

Blue Bird Perched On Branch

Blue Bird Perched On Branch

Visit my gallery at Society 6 for a variety of product types featuring my artistic rendition of a blue bird perched on a tree branch. Available items include prints (posters, framed, canvas, metal), apparel, home decor, mugs, device cases and sleeves, and more…Enjoy!

Bird Sitting On A Branch

Bird On A Branch

Based on a photograph, enjoy my artistic rendition of a bird in nature perched comfortably on a tree branch. If you’re interested in adding some new artwork to your home, then visit my gallery at Pixels to discover a wide array of decorative print options: framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, prints and posters. Other items also available.

Blue Owl At Night

Blue Owl At Night

This creative blue owl has his eyes open and is wide awake in the forest at night, quietly watching for another meal. Guests are invited to visit my gallery for many available print types (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, posters): Pixels. Enjoy!

Colorful Macaw Parrot Print

Colorful Glass Parrot Framed Print


This cool, colorful and creative glass-like Macaw Parrot framed print would make the perfect decorative addition to any room in your home – or, at the office! Customize the size, frame, mat, paper and finish options to make it your own. Other items are also available. Enjoy!

Tropical Forest Hawaiian Parrot

Tropical Hawaiian Parrot

Enjoy my artistic rendition of a tropical parrot perched in a Hawaiian forest. This bird can be yours on a wide variety of different print types, including: framed, canvas, acrylic, metal and posters. Available at my gallery at Pixels.

Soaring Bird Sunflower Artwork

Soaring Bird Sunflower

Enjoy this digital collage artwork, featuring a summertime scene of a seagull bird soaring over the top of a golden sunflower. Whether you’re looking to decorate the walls in your home or at the office, or would be interested in sharing a gift with family and friends, many different and wonderful items are available print on demand in the following galleries:

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Disc Golfing Bird T-shirt

Disc Golfing Bird T-shrt


Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee. Play disc golf like a bird. And, enjoy the game in this t-shirt featuring a fun bird character wearing sneakers. This Climalite® garment in one in many different styles available with this design.