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Nickels Arcade

Nickels Arcade

Photography, Structures June 11, 2018

This photograph was taken near the campus of the University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor, at Nickels Arcade, and features gothic architecture and a variety of shops. If you’d like a new picture for a wall in your home or place of work, then stop by my gallery at Fine Art America – there’s so much to see!!!

Brick Pavers Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

Brick Pavers Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Case

Photography, Products June 10, 2018

This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone case features artwork based on a photograph of brick pavers, located in the historic Kerrytown district of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Select between Tough (shown here) or Snap styles. Many phone models available to select from. Protect your investment in style! Guests may also discover more items in my full galleries at Redbubble and Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by.