Cane Creek Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spencer, Tennessee, in the Fall Creek Falls State Park, this is Cane Creek Falls. Standing 85-feet tall with an expansive plunge pool, hikers may access the base of these falls via the “cable trail”. Prints available.

Cane Creek Cascades

Located in the Fall Creek Falls State Park, near Spencer, Tennessee, Cane Creek Cascades stand 30-feet tall and are easily accessible for visitors to enjoy. This photograph was taken in autumn. Prints are available in my online shops at Pixels and ArtPal. Thanks for visiting!

Cane Creek Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Spencer, Tennessee, Cane Creek Falls stands 85-feet tall and is part of the Fall Creek Falls State Park.

I recently had an opportunity to access Cane Creek Gorge, via the Cable Trail, a short, rocky and steep descent pathway leading to the base of Cane Creek Falls. Note that, depending on the volume of water present, there is also a second waterfall – Rockhouse Falls (125-feet) – situated on the left side of the gorge.


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Top of Cane Creek Falls

Located at the Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee, this photograph captures a view along rock ledges into the mist, over the top edge of 85-foot Cane Creek Falls. If you’d be interested in a print for your home, then please visit my gallery for a selection of options. Thanks!

Morning Reflections

This photograph was taken at the top of Cane Creek Falls, at the Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Tennessee, and features sunlight peaking over the tree-line into a gorge, reflecting across still water. See more.

Cane Creek Falls

Located in Tennessee at Fall Creek Falls State Park, this is Cane Creek Falls, a picturesque 85-foot waterfall photographed from a gorge overlook. A variety of prints – and more – are available in my gallery at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Makes a great gift, too.

Edge of Cane Creek Falls

With a low volume of water present, I was able to approach the top edge of Cane Creek Falls, while hiking recently at the Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee. I’ve added this photograph to my gallery at Pixels.

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Cane Creek Falls, Tennessee

The following collection of photographs features Cane Creek Falls – a portion of the many shots I took while recently hiking Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Tennessee.

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If you’d like to visit the park, follow these directions:

Cane Creek Falls

Standing 85′ tall, Cane Creek Falls can be seen from the Nature Center (10821 Park Road), located near the entrance of Fall Creek Falls State Park. Guests may enjoy views of this waterfall and the sandstone gorge from either of two observation platforms, one of which provides easy access for handicapped visitors.

Here are some photographs of Cane Creek Falls

Next, to connect with the hiking trail near the Nature Center, it was necessary to walk along a suspension bridge in order to cross Cane Creek:

Supported with two expansive cables, the bridge was relatively unstable and shifted with each step. As such, I was later pleased with how well the next photograph turned out – taken from the center of the bridge:

Across the creek and then up some stairs, a sometimes rocky trail awaited my steps:

Another Point of View

I continued my hike around this first gorge, until I discovered another area from which to view Cane Creek Falls. Approaching this spot wasn’t easy – don’t trip over the edge! – nor was it necessarily prudent to cross the rudimentary fencing for a better photograph. Look closely at the third picture to see a man standing (left side) on the observation deck – across the gorge – located by the Nature Center:

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and please consider purchasing a print if interested. More pictures of my hike at Fall Creek Falls State Park in Tennessee will be forthcoming; until such time, thanks for visiting!