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Return To Northrup Falls

Located on the Cumberland Plateau in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, is one of Tennessee’s most stunning waterfalls – Northrup Falls.

It’s an easy hike into the gorge along Big Branch Creek, where visitors pass towering rock cliffs leading to the 65-foot waterfall with turquoise plunge pool. The trail meanders through an old-growth forest of large hemlocks and white pines, some of which are over 200 years old, before splitting left or right along the top edge of the gorge. There, the trail becomes a loop and either direction leads to the base of (and behind) the falls. However, traveling left provides an earlier view of several interesting geological sights.

Note: shallow, open cave-like structures – a.k.a., “rock houses” – line the creek gorge. These shelters were used by cliff-dwelling Woodland Indians over 3,000 years ago.

Recent Photographs

This was my second time visiting Northrup Falls, and I did so during a period of a few hours, between (several days of) rain and an oncoming thunderstorm. Hence, everything was wet – muddy trail, slippery rocks – with complete cloud cover. Nevertheless, beautiful scenery!

My First Visit

I first visited Northrup Falls last summer during the month of July, when I enjoyed warm weather, vibrant colors of nature and dry conditions. Here are a few photographs from that hike…


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Nature Photography

Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area

I recently enjoyed hiking at the Lost Creek Falls State Natural Area, located near Sparta, Tennessee. Situated on the western flank of the Cumberland Plateau, the park features the 50′ Lost Creek Falls (fed by a large spring), Lost Creek Cave and a connecting 4.5 mile trail to Virgin Falls.

In 1994, the Walt Disney Corporation, so pleased with the area’s natural beauty, filmed several scenes from “The Jungle Book” at both the falls & cave entrance.

Directions: GPS of parking area – N35 50.442, W85 21.660.

Lost Creek Falls

Note of Interest: How did Lost Creek Falls get it’s name? In addition to a remote location – better bring a map! – the small plunge pool disappears underground by draining into a “sink” (or bowl). However, the water continues to flow at some point within Lost Creek Cave.

Lost Creek Cave

Lost Creek Cave is one of Tennessee’s largest caves, with five separate entrances and seven miles of mapped passages! The opening seen here is roughly 30′ wide, and it begins to turn pitch black within a very short distance inside. No one should proceed deep into the cave without proper equipment, including a headlamp and/or heavy-duty flashlight. Lastly, it’s rumored that, somewhere deep within the cave, there’s a similarly-sized waterfall!

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Caves In A Cliff

This interesting geological rock formation was photographed along the trail in the gorge to Ozone Falls, in Tennessee. You may enjoy seeing this landscape scenery in your home, or office? If so, please visit my gallery at Pixels to select a print. Thanks for stopping by!

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Old Quarry In Knoxville, Tennessee

As a second part to an earlier post entitled, Ijams Nature Center In Knoxville, TN, the following photographs include scenes from another trail known as Haworth Hollow (see marker, below):

Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville, TN

It’s difficult to read the small print, which cites that the area houses the rare Berry Cave Salamander, known almost exclusively from five caves within a 12 mile radius of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Walking along the trail seemed rather uneventful, until I turned a corner to see the beginning of a quarry with a limestone wall reaching approximately 100′ tall. It was quite a surprise!

Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville, TN

Here are a few more photographs taken in Haworth Hollow at Ijams Nature Center, Knoxville, Tennessee:

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