Falls At Laurel Creek

Prints available. After hiking down the creek-bed from Laurel Falls, this was the final small waterfall below Laurel Creek joins Richland Creek. I hope you enjoy my photography – thanks for visiting!

Waterfall On Laurel Creek

After a 3-mile hike to Laurel Falls, located in the Laurel Snow State Natural Area, in Dayton, Tennessee, I opted to follow Laurel Creek – rather than the trail – back through the gorge. The area was strewn with large boulders, and I also discovered many smaller waterfalls – as seen here. If you’re interested in decorating a wall in your home or office, you’ll discover many different prints in my gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

Cave At Northrup Falls

This black and white photograph features a long cave at Northrup Falls, located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area near Allardt, Tennessee. Prints and more are available in my shops at Pixels and ArtFlakes. Thanks for stopping by!

Northrup Falls

See here for prints available. This is Northrup Falls, a 65-foot tall waterfall on the Cumberland Plateau, in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area, near Allardt, Tennessee.

Second View of Northrup Falls

Prints available.

This is the picturesque Northrup Falls, located on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, USA, at the Colditz Cove State Natural Area. It would look great on a wall in your home, office, business lobby or cafeteria setting. Many print options are available to suit your interests – check it out…

Northrup Falls

Located in the Colditz Cove State Natural Area near Allardt, Tennessee, Northrup Falls stands 65-feet tall and is situated in a gorge featuring substantial overhanging cliffs – a place, it is said, which was home to cliff-dwelling Indians some 3000 years ago.

Prints available.

Laurel Falls In Dayton TN

I recently had an opportunity to hike the trail to Laurel Falls, an 80-foot tall waterfall on the Cumberland Plateau, near Dayton, Tennessee.

It’s 6.1 miles out and back, most of which parallels either Richland Creek or Laurel Creek. Hence, the sound of running water permeates both gorges and forest landscape. By contrast with hikes at many different locations, the size and frequency of massive boulders strewn along both creeks – some as tall as 50-feet – is stunning.

I arrived early, on the trial at 7:19 a.m. and with a 32-degree fahrenheit temperature. To stay warm, I walked without stopping until I reached Laurel Falls. Alone at the waterfall for the entirety of my visit, I would later spend a good deal of time traversing Laurel Creek down the mountain, over and around large rocks, where I discovered some wonderful smaller falls and cascades.

If you’re considering a hike to the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area, I can recommend it as being one of my favorites – no matter ones age or conditioning, there’s so much to enjoy!


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Laurel Falls

More Views From Laurel Creek

With some exceptions, hikers can expect mostly hard pack soil and generally small rocks along the trail for the initial two miles. After crossing what appears to be a new aluminum bridge, the trail becomes much rockier on an inclined surface for the remaining mile.

The drive into the park is somewhat challenging, with deep crevasses from erosion, and a sign reminding visitors that the road is “unimproved”. Proceed with caution at a slow speed. There are no restrooms. The park closes at 7:00 p.m.. Permits are required for camping.


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Return To Twin Falls

Centrally located in the Rock Island State Park, in Tennessee, Twin Falls stand an impressive 80-feet tall and provides easy access for visitors to enjoy.

Flowing into a meandering Caney Fork River below, water from Twin Falls originates from the Collins River, which, subsequent to be dammed, seeps through steep limestone embankments. The result is a series of beautiful waterfalls and cascades along the cliffs. When visiting, you’ll also be able to see several additional small waterfalls tucked away behind foliage along the rock face.

Whether you enjoy the scenery of Twin Falls from your car in the parking lot, or prefer an easy walk along a trail parallel to the river, beauty abounds at this popular tourist destination. Also, there is trail access to the expansive Caney Fork Gorge, featuring more waterfalls and scenic, layered rock walls. More on that another time…


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Fog In The Valley

Banks of fog slowly rolling across the valley in a gorge at Fall Creek Falls State Park, in Tennessee, following intermittent periods of rain. Several different prints are available

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Favorite Recent Video

A few weeks ago → After approx. 5 miles, I finally reached Virgin Falls. In addition to the substantial volume of water flowing, an unusual outcropping of rock with a tree on top provided visual interest. So much so, that I made a video of it; as follows, my favorite recent video