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3D Concrete Blocks

This digital artwork depicts three dimensional concrete blocks in a chaotic structure, with textural effects. Guests may discover many different items featuring this design in my gallery at Fine Art America, including a variety of print types.

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Blue Metal Abstract

Enjoy this abstract digital artwork, featuring shades of blue reflecting on a chaotic conglomeration of three dimensional rings. It’s now available at Redbubble on various items, in these categories:

  • apparel
  • cases & skins
  • wall art
  • home decor
  • bags
  • stationary

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Abstract Textural Shapes

This interesting black and white digital imagery features a textural, macro view of clustered, chaotic shapes. A wide variety of great gift and apparel items are available in my galleries at Society 6 and Redbubble. So, check it out…

Structures Surreal

Jumble of 3D Rings

Enjoy this three dimensional digital imagery of reflecting metallic rings in a chaotic jumble. If you’re looking for a print to decorate a wall in your home or office, stop by my gallery at Fine Art America to discover a wide range of options. Thanks for looking.

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Monochromatic Cluster of Cells

Enjoy this textural digital image in a monochromatic display, featuring a close up perspective of many circular shapes clustered together like cells.

I used Abode Photoshop to create this design, which was a work in progress over a period of weeks. While it would have been quicker to include larger shapes, I chose instead to add as many mostly smaller shapes as my patience would permit, with each individual element added one by one. This transpired in between the development and completion of other works over time.

Available in these galleries ▸ Zazzle, Redbubble, Society 6, Pixels

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Turquoise Reflections


Enjoy this macro perspective featuring a conglomeration of turquoise metallic structures reflecting light. Guests may discover a wide variety of different items available print on demand in my gallery at Society 6 – stop by for a visit, some time.

Abstract Products

Macro Blue Bubbles iPhone Skins


Protect your investment in style with this creative iPhone skin (or case), featuring a digital abstract cluster of random bubble shapes. Available for various iPhone & iPod models. Skins are thin, easy-to-remove, vinyl decals made from a patented material that eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles for an easy application. Enjoy!

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Macro Bubbles iPhone Case


Enjoy this Apple iPhone case (or, Samsung), featuring a large cluster of abstract floating bubbles with reflections of other bubbles and of the horizon. Select between slim, tough and power case models to protect your investment in style!

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Surreal Macro Cables Laptop Sleeve


Enjoy this macro, three dimensional digital artwork of a jumbled cluster of computer cables on this lightweight laptop sleeve. Made with high quality polyester and printed on both sides.