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Mysterious Dome On Horizon

Toward the horizon, a metallic dome emits a glowing beam of light into space. Is it some form of energy? And, why does the surface of a presumably technologically advanced society so closely resemble that of a computer-motherboard from the 1990’s? These mysteries and more may be uncovered in my gallery at Pixels and/or Fine Art America. Hope to see you soon!

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Surreal Reflections of Planet Earth


Metal PrintSurreal metal print featuring a reflective planet earth encased in crystal situated upon a computer motherboard. Available in four sizes; large is 24″ by 24″. I designed this 3D digital artwork using Bryce creative software. Each 1/16″ aluminum sheet has a 3/4″ wooden frame attached to the back to offset from the wall. Prints have a wire or sawtooth hanger, depending on size.