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Forest of Boards

Structure of Bowed Boards

Photography, Structures September 30, 2018

A roomful of bowed boards provide tension to support drywall ceiling tiles while adhesive mastic dries. This unusual sight seemed worthy of a photograph, so I added an interesting angle and shot!

Getting from one side of the room to the other was a challenge, requiring agility and frequent turns – and, occasionally, replacing boards accidentally bumped.

Building A Building

Building A Building

Photography, Structures June 17, 2018

An elaborate configuration in excess of fundamental support structures, this intricate work of symmetry in hues of blue with texture may well be the work of an architectural madman! Alternatively, a camera, mirrors and/or creative design software may be at play. Be that as it may, please feel free to visit my galleries at Redbubble and Fine Art America to discover great gift-giving ideas, and more!

Vintage Metal Carpentry Devices

Vintage Metal Carpentry Devices

Photography, Structures May 4, 2018

This close-up photography features four very old metal carpentry devices, used to create a strong edge on wooden planks as part of a support structure. You can add this picture to a wall in your home or place of work by visiting my gallery at Fine Art America – select from several print types, with customization options.

Union Street Station

Union Street Station

Photography, Structures April 29, 2018

This photograph of the Union Street Station in Chicago, Illinois was taken from an upper balcony in the great room during a period of extensive renovation. As a result, several more lights are visible, many casting a glow against plastic dust barriers. I’ve also added a slightly gritty texture to the original picture. Guests are encouraged to visit my galleries at Fine Art America and Zazzle, where a wide variety of interesting items are available – many great gift giving ideas to select! So, check it out…

Road Closed For Construction

Road Closed For Construction

Photography, Structures November 14, 2016

Sorry, you’ll have to find another way around because the road is closed for construction. As luck would have it, however, this happens to be the only route available. As for that important meeting you were scheduled to attend, it appears that you’ll have to reschedule.

In the meantime, why not visit my gallery at Fine Art America where you’ll enjoy discovering a wonderful selection of prints for your home or office. Many great gift-giving ideas are available for your consideration, as well.

Historic Architectural Window

Historic Architectural Structure

Photography, Structures June 21, 2016

This photograph highlights a vintage window on an historic architectural building located at Cades Cove, in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee. Blurred glass, creative carpentry and bleached wood all contribute to making this image a wonderful decorative addition to your home. Available in my gallery at Pixels. Enjoy!

City Buildings Abstract

City Buildings Abstract

Graphics, Photography April 8, 2016

Enjoy my artistic rendition of various city buildings rearranged in this structural, abstract collage. Guests are welcome to visit my gallery at Society 6 to review the many items available featuring this design, including: throw pillows, rugs, stationary cards, duvet covers, tote bags, canvas prints, t-shirts & hoodies, framed prints, device cases & skins, wall clock, and more…