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Forest Cascades

Located at the Fall Creek Falls State Park, near Spencer, Tennessee, Paw Paw Creek is a small waterway tucked away in the forest, off the beaten trail. These beautiful forest cascades would also look wonderful in your home – so, have a look at prints… Read More

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Surface of Earth

Taken from a satellite in space orbiting planet Earth, this black and white image highlights terrain located in the western hemisphere. Oh, wait…haha. This black and white photograph was actually taken while hiking at Black Mountain, on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, and features evidence… Read More

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Cascades At Savage Falls

These beautiful cascades would make a wonderful accent to a wall in your home. Located upstream of Savage Falls in the South Cumberland State Park, terraced rock surfaces redirect water downstream in a dozen different directions. Visit my galleries at Fine Art America & ArtPal.

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Savage Falls

Located in the South Cumberland State Park of Tennessee, near Palmer, Savage Creek flows over cascades and down the picturesque 30-foot Savage Falls. Welcome To The Savage Gulf State Natural Area With nearly 16,000-acres on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau, park visitors can… Read More

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Remote Waterfall

Despite a low water level, this remote waterfall along Paine Creek – on the Cumberland Plateau, in Tennessee – provides a picturesque setting of rugged gorge, plunge pool and abundant moss. You can enjoy this nature landscape on a print in your home by visiting… Read More

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City Lake Falls

Situated in Cookeville, Tennessee, only eight miles from highway I-40 and 1/4 mile into the forest, City Lake Falls is an easily accessible and scenic treat for visitors. If you can’t make the trip, that’s okay – you can enjoy this scenery in your home,… Read More

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Visiting Ozone Falls

On the eastern edge of the Crab Orchard Mountains on the Cumberland Plateau, Ozone Falls is the third tallest waterfall in Tennessee, standing 110-feet tall. Similar to other waterfalls dependent on small creeks, the volume of water flowing is closely correlated with rainfall and the… Read More