Abstract Structures

Child At Stonehenge

Digital art from a collage featuring the silhouette of a child atop Stonehenge, in the desert under a moonlit night sky. Available on prints and more in my gallery at Pixels. Thanks for visiting!

Nature Photography


Photograph featuring horizon of ocean washing into sandy beach, with grunge texture and vintage film frame. It would look great with a frame in your home! To see more, please visit my gallery at Pixels.


Walt Disney Quote

Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.

Walt Disney

Products Surreal

Dreaming At High Tide Poster


As descriptions can sometimes be boring to read, I’ve elected to include a brief passage of creative writing to accompany this surreal design –

Waters roll in with the moon at high tide as stars flicker behind a curtain of space. I can sleep through this dream until morning comes, then collect seashells and treasures of ships sunken centuries ago. The beach is my tomorrow. The moonlight, a distraction.

Enjoy this poster, available in three different sizes at my Society 6 web shop.