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Spinning Nickels Into Infinity

Enjoy this colorful graphic design of nickels spinning endlessly, becoming distorted through centrifugal force displayed using the Droste effect. If you suffer from Vertigo, please view with caution…

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Computer Disks Pop Art iPad Case


This three dimensional pop art iPad case features a series of colorful computer hard-drive disks in an infinite, rotating pattern. Available to fit several device styles. Extremely durable, shatterproof casing with full access to all ports. Enjoy!

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Spinning Carpeted Stairwell

This picture aptly applies the droste effect in creating a sensation of turning. If you’re experiencing vertigo, please make sure to firmly grasp the stairwell bannisters as you descend into a series of spinning frames…

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All Over Printed T-shirt


A spinning carpeted stairwell is printed from seam to seam on this all over printed t-shirt, made of cotton-soft 100% polyester which wicks moisture. Using the droste effect to create an infinite turning sensation, this one of a kind apparel is sure to stand out in a crowd!

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Disc Golf Baskets Spiral Notebook


With 120 pages, this spiral notebook is available in a selection of ruled or graph pages and features a handy document pocket inside the back cover. If you play the sport of frisbee disc golf, or are simply a fan of the droste effect in graphic design, then you’ll certainly enjoy this item. And, it makes a great gift idea!

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Reflections of An Infrared Alley

Enjoy this creative infrared photography featuring a downtown alley located in the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, which utilizes the droste effect…

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Changing Time

This textured and green infrared design uses the droste effect to spin into infinity an architectural photograph of the Burton Clock Tower taken in Ann Arbor on the campus of the University of Michigan…

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