Eggs of An Alien World

The spacecraft touched down and the decompression chamber eased me out of suspended animation and into a groggy consciousness. I glanced at the navigation instrumentation but the system appeared inoperative, likely damaged upon landing. Where was I?

After wrangling with the video monitoring equipment for what seemed like an hour, I finally had a view outside of the ship: the barren landscape of an alien world strewn with giant eggs.

Available In These Shops:

Landscape of Seven Eggs

Fog blankets the horizon of this mountainous, desert landscape, with seven eggs. Discover prints and more featuring this cool, mysterious science fiction digital artwork, available in my galleries at Society 6 and Pixels. Hope to see you soon!

Chocolate Candies Canvas Prints

Not eggs. This creative wrapped canvas print features random chocolate candies with halftones and a distressed texture. Select one for a wall in your kitchen or dining area. Many different sizes available, as well as various side-by-side (2, 3, 4) panel options. Made in Reno, Nevada. Enjoy!