Lower Piney Falls

Enter The Gorge

Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Grandview, Tennessee, Lower Piney Falls stands 40-feet tall and flows from Little Piney Creek. There’s no trail into the gorge, hence the view is usually from the top only. But, where there’s a will there’s a way, and I found my way into a better view. I hope you’ll enjoy my photography, and encourage you to visit my gallery to select a print for your home, office, or perhaps to be given as a gift for family or friends.

Moss And Ferns

Hiking into and through the gorge, finding my way across rocks scattered along Caney Fork, I approached what is called Great Falls – a collection of three waterfalls, each standing 30-feet tall. This photograph is a sideview showing only the edge of the front falls, with cliff-walls covered in layers of moss and ferns. See available prints.

Running Water On Hillside

This hillside with running water and moss covered rocks was photographed recently on an autumn walk at the Frozen Head State Park, in Tennessee. Many different prints are available, so you can enjoy this natural scenery on a wall in your home. Thanks for stopping by!

Rainforest In Tennessee

With so much moss and ferns covering a water-drenched gorge wall, it seemed like I was in a rainforest…in Tennessee! Actually, I was visiting the Rock Island State Park, on the Cumberland Plateau near the small town of Spencer. Prints available.