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Planetary Surfaces

Looking down on the surface of a planet deep in outer space, it didn’t take much time for the mission commander to conclude that this terrain would be far too dangerous to attempt a landing… Actually, this digital artwork features a macro perspective of a… Read More

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In The Rough

I considered naming this design, “(it’s not a diamond) In The Rough”, though that title seemed long. Whatever form of gem this may be, it’s certainly lodged in a difficult to access area. Hint: you can acquire it more easily by simply visiting my galleries… Read More

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Scene From Time

Looking out on a barren desert from inside the fossilized jaw of a prehistoric beast. View from the edge of an unusual cave with glowing orange object in water. Desert landscape with reflective three dimensional fractal design duplicated and flipped on vertical axis. Whatever scenario… Read More

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Sun Mountain

This fictitious mountain range exists somewhere between imagination and the foot of Mount Belzoni. It can also be found at Redbubble and Pixels, where a wide variety of fun products are available. Come and see for yourself!!!

Reflections of A Fractal Fossil
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Reflections of A Fractal Fossil

This complex digital image features reflections of a nautilus fractal from a previous artwork, now repurposed by mapping it across an uneven three dimensional surface area. I used Bryce, Photoshop and Filter Forge creative software. It’s available in the following galleries: Pixels Redbubble Society 6… Read More

Pop Art Nautilus Fractal
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Pop Art Nautilus Fractal

This vibrant, colorful pop art graphic design features a rotating fractal image resembling a nautilus shell. I’ve added it to my galleries at Society 6 and Redbubble. Whatever you’re interested in – apparel, device cases & skins, wall art, home decor, bags or stationary paper… Read More

Cast Iron Fractal
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Cast Iron Fractal

This three dimensional digital artwork features a macro perspective of an extruded fractal design with cast iron texture and an embedded sphere. I used Bryce and Adobe Photoshop to create this image, now available on a variety of cool products in my galleries at Redbubble… Read More

Reflecting Spheres In Space
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Reflecting Spheres In Space

Enjoy these spheres spinning in space, consumed by the reflective surfaces of a three dimensional fractal design. I used Fractal Explorer, Bryce and Adobe Photoshop to create this design. Guests can find a wide assortment of interesting items available print on demand, by visiting my… Read More