Disc Golf Stories, No. 9

I was competing in a PDGA sanctioned disc golf tournament on a warm day with mild winds during the summer of 1999. The event was held at Cold Brook Park, located in Climax, Michigan, between Kalamazoo and Battle Creek.

At that time, organizers commonly added six alternate baskets to the 18-hole layout, in order to accommodate a larger field of players. The first new basket in this expanded 24-hole format followed the 16th hole, and was a short birdie opportunity along the edge of Portage Lake.

Everything seemed fine as our group approached the tee pad. The wind was calm and there weren’t any trees as obstacles, only a water hazard to avoid along the right edge of the fairway.

And then, it happened.

From out of nowhere, a small gaggle of geese flew closely overhead at a high rate of speed! They couldn’t have been more than 10-feet above the ground, riding the leading edge of a weather system. We all ducked, rising again only to be immediately greeted by headwinds of approx. 30 miles per hour, sustained for the remainder of the tournament.

So much for an easy shot – now, the water loomed large.

The Huron River

In speaking with my father, today, our conversation included the topic of rivers. So, I thought I’d post this photograph of the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a scenic view north of the Argo Dam. It’s now available in my gallery at Fine Art America – check it out…

Canadian Geese


This black and white photograph features four Canadian Geese bathing in the shallows of the Huron River, located at Ann Arbor, Michigan. Guests may visit my gallery at Fine Art America to review a selection of available prints (framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, art), and other items. Note: the format I chose to display this picture is in a style commonly used by Ansel Adams – however, this is not a ‘limited edition’ print. Enjoy!

Geese At Rest And Flying

Sometimes it’s nice to have your camera on hand, such as yesterday when I decided to photograph points along my bike route. Familiar with areas along the path to highlight, I wasn’t surprised to see a group of Canadian Honkers Geese bathing in the shallows along the Huron River in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a sight frequently observed. However, the flock of geese in the background, flapping noisily across the water to achieve flight, was both a surprise and a treat! Available in my gallery at Pixels on a variety of items…