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Reflections of Glass And Pottery

Reflections of Glass And Pottery

This macro photography features a beveled glass reflector shade from a standing lamp, balanced on an earthen-pottery sugar bowl, with the perspective of looking down on the two stacked pieces. I had the idea that it might be an interesting structure, and I’m pleased with the capture. If you also like it, then consider purchasing […]

Green Glass Goblets Still Life

Green Glass Goblets Still Life

This close-up still life photography features a set of green glass goblets with clear stems on a gold colored tablecloth. Shades of green, curved reflections and a blurred background combine to add interest in this shot, which is available in my gallery at Fine Art America. Select among various available print types, such as: framed, […]

Textured Glass Macro

Textured Glass Macro

This black and white macro photography features the handle from a lid on a vintage glass condiments container. The close-up detail provides an interesting texture and reflections. If you’d like to see more, please visit my gallery at Fine Art America. A variety of prints and customization options are available to suite your interests. Thanks […]

Reflections of Curved Glass

Reflections of Curved Glass

Visit my galleries at Fine Art America and/or Redbubble to review a variety of interesting products featuring this original photograph. These reflecting rings of glass were captured using a flash aimed inside of a decorative, 14″ tall empty glass pitcher. Enjoy!

Colorful Glass Bottles Collage

Colorful Glass Bottles Collage

Based on photographs of several different antique bottles, this graphic design features a colorful collage with texture and typographic elements. Add a splash of color to a dull wall space at home or at work! A variety of print types (and more) are available in my gallery at Fine Art America – check it out…

Hues of Blue Glass Still Life

Hues of Blue Glass Still Life

Enjoy this stylized still life photography of a large piece of cut glass in hues of blue. If you’d like a print, then visit my galleries at Fine Art America and Redbubble to discover a variety of product offerings. Looks great both at home, or the office!

Glass On Glass

Glass On Glass

This macro photography features a glass container from the kitchen, formerly used to house flour, reflecting on top of a glass table top. A variety of prints are available in my gallery at Fine Art America – including framed, canvas, art, metal, acrylic and wood. Framed prints may be customized by selecting size, frame, mat, […]

Retro Green Glass Goblets

Retro Green Glass Goblets

Whether in your home or at the office, you’ll enjoy this macro photograph featuring retro green glass goblets with clear stems. A variety of print types are available in my gallery at Fine Art America, including: framed, canvas, art, acrylic, metal and wood. So, check it out…

Crystal Reflections Wall Tapestry

Crystal Sun Reflections Wall Tapestry

Measuring 88″ by 104″, this large size wall tapestry would make a great accent piece as interesting home decor. Available in three distinct sizes, it’s made of 100% lightweight polyester with hand-sewn finished edges and is durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy!

Vintage Green Glass Insulators

Vintage Green Glass Insulators

Enjoy this still life photography of vintage glass insulators in shades on green. Formerly used on electrical utility poles, these insulators have been in my collection of vintage glass items for several decades. Now, you may also enjoy them on any of various print types available through my gallery at Fine Art America. Thanks for […]

Macro Glass And Steel Bands

Macro Glass And Steel Bands

Enjoy this three dimensional digital art, featuring a macro perspective of reflecting glass spheres and textural metallic bands. This design was created using Bryce, wherein I placed several spheres and toruses inside of a larger, hollow sphere. A mirrored surface was then applied as texture to each sphere. Next, I added a few radial lights […]

Reflections of Blue And Gold

Reflections of Blue And Gold

This geometric digital artwork features reflections of an ornate, symmetrical glass structure in hues of blue and gold with sharp edges. To create this design, I used Bryce, Photoshop and Affinity Photo software… Available in these galleries ▸ Redbubble, Society 6, Zazzle

Macro Glass Insulators

Macro Glass Insulators

Enjoy this macro photography featuring a collection of glass insulators which I’ve had since my youth. If you have an empty wall in your home or at the office in need of an aesthetic, decorative addition, then please stop by my gallery at Fine Art America. A variety of print types are available to select, […]

Vintage Glass Insulators

Vintage Glass Insulators

Adorn the walls of your home or office space with a print (framed, canvas or art), featuring a collection of antique glass insulators which I collected in my youth. Stop by my gallery at Fine Art America to review a selection of print types…

Chunk of Green Glass

Chunk of Green Glass

After breakfast, I positioned this large chunk of green glass on the balcony rail so as to reflect the morning sunlight. Casting colors of golden amber and brown amidst shades of green, the sunlight also revealed many imperfections and scratches on this unique piece of glass. If you’d be interested in a print, please visit […]

Surreal Glass Star Metal Print

Surreal Glass Star Metal Print

  This three dimensional glass star would make a terrific decorative addition to your home as a metal print – a thin, lightweight and durable 1/16″ aluminum sheet canvas with a high gloss finish which produces sharp image details. Each sheet has a 3/4″ wooden frame attached to the back to offset from the wall. […]

Turquoise Garden of Glass

Turquoise Garden of Glass

Delight in the digital with this creative garden in shades of green and blue, with an obscured view as filtered through bumpy glass blocks… Available in these galleries ▸ Society 6, Pixels, Redbubble, Zazzle

Colorful Glass Parrot

Colorful Glass Parrot

Enjoy my artistic rendition of a Macaw Parrot, a beautiful and brilliantly colored bird indigenous to the Central and South American rain forests. There are 17 different species of macaws… Available in these galleries ▸ Pixels, Society 6, Redbubble, Cafepress, Zazzle

Surreal Glass Structures

Surreal Glass Structures

Enjoy this surreal digital artwork of three mysterious, colorful glass structures with self-contained floating spheres, casting reflections across rippled waters… Available in these galleries ▸ Redbubble, Society 6, Cafepress, Pixels, Zazzle