Photography Structures

Improbable Architectural Structure

This improbable architectural structure features a mirror image of quadrants seeming to defy the forces of gravity. However, you won’t need gravity-free boots to enjoy this design. Simply put it on your wall, instead! A variety of print types are available for your review in my gallery at Fine Art America. So have a look around, and be careful on the stairs…

Nature Photography

States of Water

Enjoy this wintertime photography taken last December at Barton Hills Dam, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, featuring both running and frozen water. You can pick an appropriately sized framed-print to customize to your liking, or select from several other print options in my gallery at Fine Art America. Thanks for stopping by!

Featured Surreal

Blue Spheres Framed

Enjoy this surreal scene of reflective blue spheres floating in a space surrounded by an abstract frame or cage…

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