Dry Creek Falls

Following my visit to the scenic Margarette Falls, I hiked back on the trail along Dry Creek, where I found a series of beautiful smaller waterfalls – such as featured here. Only 5-feet tall, the sounds of water flowing provided a pleasant respite to enjoy nature. You can enjoy the same with a print from my shop. Whether in your home or place of employment, there are a variety of print options to review. So, stop by for a visit and have a look around – thanks!

Upstream Waterfall 2

Explore Nature

This is the second shot of the Upstream Waterfall, at a lower point where the water joins Dry Creek – seen here, flowing left to right. Though it is a very beautiful sight, hikers should remain wary to safeguard themselves against falling on slippery surfaces. If you look closely in the upper right, you’ll see the top waterfall among the leaves, shown more prominently viewing the first shot.

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Upstream Waterfall

Go With The Flow

After enjoying the stunning beauty of Margarette Falls, I decided to continue further up the mountain to see what I could find. Here, in the distance, a small waterfall feeds into a chute as the water races to join Dry Creek. You can enjoy prints and more from these shops:

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Small Waterfall

Along The Hike

During a recent hike at Margarette Falls, I spotted this smaller 10-foot waterfall off the trail, and proceeded to cautiously descend a rocky hillside for a closer look. These rocks were loose, covered with moss and a thin layer of leaves, making secure footing problematic. But, a slow and methodical pace with a walking stick allowed me access to what was truly a beautiful, secluded waterfall. For a moment, I imagined that I might see a mermaid swimming, but then remembered that this wasn’t salt water 😂

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Margarette Falls

Located in the Cherokee National Forest near Greeneville, Tennessee, Margarette Falls stands 60-feet tall with a plunge pool, and the 2.7 miles out and back hike along Dry Creek offers visitors many smaller waterfalls and cascades to enjoy.

The trail begins as an easy hike over level gravel, but soon inclines with an elevation gain of approx. 800-feet…expect your calves to burn! There are also a few areas where the surface consists of sharp, uneven rocks. As such, a walking stick is recommended – I found one waiting at the trailhead, where I returned it once finished.

In addition, a strenuous uphill trail continues beyond the falls, which follows and crosses the creek, offering some picturesque cascades. There’s so much to see so take your time to explore, doing so with caution – terrain around water is often slippery, thus hazardous.

This is a popular area with a large parking lot. So, arrive early if you want to avoid the crowds. Yesterday, I left Knoxville at 5:05 a.m. and was on the trail by 6:51 a.m., just before sunrise. I didn’t see anyone hiking until I was walking back on my return. Just before noon, there were an about 25 cars parked on site. No gift shop. No restrooms.


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I’ll continue to add more photographs from my hike into the gallery, so please visit often to see what’s new. Enjoy the great outdoors, and happy trails!

Tired feet, quiet mind.

– author unknown