Old Iron Ore Dock On Lake Superior

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Located in the upper peninsula harbor of Marquette, Michigan, this old iron ore dock was once a busy port, servicing large freighter ships to transport raw materials throughout the great lakes for distribution. Years later, the structure has since been disconnected from the railroad system and remains idle. Visible along the left side of the picture is the harbor break wall, shielding the area from often rough waters on Lake Superior. This textural, vintage photograph is available in my galleries on a variety of printed items: Fine Art AmericaSociety 6 and Zazzle. Enjoy!

Harbor Lighthouse At Dusk

Enjoy an evening walk by the water along this paved brick pathway to a lighthouse illuminating the way for maritime travelers. Visit my gallery at Pixels to discover a variety of items – in addition to a fine assortment of print types – featuring this landscape scene.

Marquette Michigan Waterfront Framed Print


Enjoy this framed print featuring a summertime photograph of the waterfront in downtown Marquette, located on Lake Superior in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Now a park, this harbor area was once an industrial setting used to ship coal across the great lakes region. If you haven’t been to Marquette in a while, there have been several changes – so, make plans to see it again!