Water Shots


Nemo Rapids

Photographed on a foggy morning in the Obed Wild And Scenic River National Park, near Wartburg, TN. See prints.


Richland Creek

Photographed on the Cumberland Plateau along the Laurel-Snow Trail, located near Dayton, Tennessee. Prints available.

Rushing Water

Richland Creek

Photographed along the Laurel-Snow Trail in Dayton, Tennessee, this may appear to be several small rocks in a creek. However, the larger rock (at top) is approx. 6-feet wide by 8-feet tall, with a length of 12-feet….a boulder!

Prints available.

Historic Structure

Railroad Trestle

This black and white photograph was taken at Richland Creek, near Dayton, Tennessee, and features the structural remnants of a railroad train trestle that was used by the Dayton Coal & Iron Company, in operation between 1882 until the 1920’s.

Prints available.

Paine Creek Waterfall

This video was taken on my Adventure At Paine Creek, which details an extensive hike both up & down a gorge, as well as the rewarding discovery of a waterfall. This area is located in Dayton, TN, along the Laurel-Snow Trail on the Cumberland Plateau, and Paine Creek is an obscure creek feeding into Richland Creek. Prints available.

Historic Train Trestle

Dayton, Tennesse

This black and white photograph was taken while hiking the Laurel-Snow Trail To Laurel Falls, and features an old railroad bridge over Richland Creek which was used for mining over 100 years ago.

Prints available.

Waterfall And Boulders

Prints available. Water from Paine Creek races down the gorge, between and over boulders, flowing beyond the Laurel-Snow Trail until finally connecting with Richland Creek. Located on the Cumberland Plateau, near Dayton, Tennessee.

Waterfall On Paine Creek

Prints available. Downstream from the top waterfall on Paine Creek, there are several smaller falls following gravity through a boulder-strewn hillside – as seen here, dropping 10-feet on to a fallen tree in the plunge pool below. I hope you enjoy my photography.

Hikers: if you haven’t visited this area, the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area near Dayton is one of the best kept secrets on the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee. Whether hiking to Buzzards Point, Laurel Falls, or anywhere between, beautiful scenery abounds!

Falls At Paine Creek

Prints available. From Richland Creek in the gorge, a hike up the ravine, along a few narrow passes and boulder fields, this beautiful waterfall on top of Paine Creek awaits visitors. Located on the Cumberland Plateau near Dayton, Tennessee.

Waterfall On Paine Creek

Prints available. Morning sunlight brightens the deep gorge over Richland Creek on the Cumberland Plateau, while running water falls along Paine Creek. If you’d like to bring nature into your home or office, might I recommend this picturesque scenery. Come by to see several different print types available.

Paine Creek

Prints available. Located in Dayton, Tennessee, along the Laurel-Snow Trail on the Cumberland Plateau, Paine Creek is an obscure creek which feeds into Richland Creek. Photographed here with low water, in black and white.

Cascades On Laurel Creek

Water streams over terraced rock surfaces in this lovely cascades photograph, shot on Laurel Creek along the Laurel-Snow Trail near Dayton, Tennessee. A variety of prints are available – perhaps you have an empty wall in need of attention? Thanks for stopping by!

Laurel Falls In Dayton TN

I recently had an opportunity to hike the trail to Laurel Falls, an 80-foot tall waterfall on the Cumberland Plateau, near Dayton, Tennessee.

It’s 6.1 miles out and back, most of which parallels either Richland Creek or Laurel Creek. Hence, the sound of running water permeates both gorges and forest landscape. By contrast with hikes at many different locations, the size and frequency of massive boulders strewn along both creeks – some as tall as 50-feet – is stunning.

I arrived early, on the trial at 7:19 a.m. and with a 32-degree fahrenheit temperature. To stay warm, I walked without stopping until I reached Laurel Falls. Alone at the waterfall for the entirety of my visit, I would later spend a good deal of time traversing Laurel Creek down the mountain, over and around large rocks, where I discovered some wonderful smaller falls and cascades.

If you’re considering a hike to the Laurel-Snow State Natural Area, I can recommend it as being one of my favorites – no matter ones age or conditioning, there’s so much to enjoy!


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Laurel Falls

More Views From Laurel Creek

With some exceptions, hikers can expect mostly hard pack soil and generally small rocks along the trail for the initial two miles. After crossing what appears to be a new aluminum bridge, the trail becomes much rockier on an inclined surface for the remaining mile.

The drive into the park is somewhat challenging, with deep crevasses from erosion, and a sign reminding visitors that the road is “unimproved”. Proceed with caution at a slow speed. There are no restrooms. The park closes at 7:00 p.m.. Permits are required for camping.


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