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Decorative Glass Jars

Decorative Glass Jars

Photography, Structures May 1, 2018

Enjoy this detailed macro still life photography, featuring a set of decorative glass storage jars with beveled edges. If you’d like a new picture on a wall in your kitchen or dining room, then simply visit my gallery at Fine Art America to select one of many print options. Thanks for stopping by!

Reflections of Glass And Pottery

Reflections of Glass And Pottery

Photography, Structures April 13, 2018

This macro photography features a beveled glass reflector shade from a standing lamp, balanced on an earthen-pottery sugar bowl, with the perspective of looking down on the two stacked pieces. I had the idea that it might be an interesting structure, and I’m pleased with the capture. If you also like it, then consider purchasing a print from my gallery at Fine Art America. Enjoy!

Reflections of Orange Ceramic

Reflections of Orange Ceramic

Photography, Structures April 10, 2018

Enjoy this macro photography highlighting colorful reflections from the bottom of an old, orange ceramic vase. This simple, original image would look great on a wall in your home – perhaps in the dining room – and is available on a variety of print types. Simply visit my gallery at Fine Art America to make your selection. Enjoy!

Brown Glazed Pottery Still Life

Glazed Brown Pottery Still Life

Photography, Structures January 11, 2018

Enjoy this still life photography of two glazed, brown pottery vessels. These vintage pieces cast reflections and texture in an aesthetic manner, perfect to adorn the walls of your kitchen or dining room. Alternatively, a cafeteria or common eating area would also be well served with a print – framed, canvas, art, metal, wood or acrylic. Simply stop by my gallery at Fine Art America to make a selection!

Macro Glass Insulators

Macro Glass Insulators

Photography July 26, 2017

Enjoy this macro photography featuring a collection of glass insulators which I’ve had since my youth. If you have an empty wall in your home or at the office in need of an aesthetic, decorative addition, then please stop by my gallery at Fine Art America. A variety of print types are available to select, including: framed, canvas, art, acrylic, metal and wood.