Peeling Paint

Time To Decorate

When your exterior walls look like this, it’s time to sand, prime and paint your house.

Interior walls are different, but need attention, too. Perhaps this rough image might serve as an appealing contrast with an otherwise finished space in your home. If so, then consider a print.

Prints available.

Paint Meets Gravity

Enjoy this colorful imagery of paint drips running off of a three dimensional, circular abstract object. As a decorative piece for any wall in your home or at the office, there are several options to select – framed, canvas, metal, acrylic, prints and posters – in addition to many other items available in my gallery at Pixels.

Peeling Paint And Terra Cotta

Sections of peeling paint are about to fall off of this old window sill, with city reflections of terra cotta rooftops visible in the dirty glass. Alterations to this photograph include a substantial addition of peeling paint, some light leak effects and an urban cityscape in the window panes. This image is available on many different print types (and more) in my gallery at Pixels. Enjoy!