Photography Structures

Vintage Pantheon

Black and white photograph with interesting perspective of vintage structure that resembles a Pantheon. See more.

Structures Surreal

Frame And Pillars

Abstract architectural collage of Stonehenge, the Pantheon, a handmade wooden frame, sands of time, and a child looking into space at a mysterious planet and glowing stars.

See more in my galleries at Pixels & Redbubble.

Photography Products

Pillars And Snow Framed Print


This framed print features a photograph captured in Ann Arbor, Michigan along the Huron River on Island Drive, standing outdoors taking a picture through an open structure. Many framing options are available – enjoy.

Products Structures

Snow Covered Pantheon Framed Print

Enjoy this framed print featuring a photograph of a pantheon styled building with columns, covered in snow after a November blizzard. Located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Many framing options are available to make this your own!