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Disc Golf Stars

Visit my shops at Zazzle and/or Pixels for cool items featuring this silhouette of a disc golfer putting into chains under a star-filled night sky…CHING!!!

Disc Golf Nature

Putt Plastic In Its Place

Silhouette of a disc golfer (a.k.a., Phil The Basket) putting towards the chains of a basket, with a sunset on the horizon. This design is now available on a variety of fun products in these galleries: Zazzle, Redbubble and Cafepress.

Have fun!

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Disc Golf Stories, No. 6

It was roughly fifteen years ago on a sunny summer day at Hudson Mills Metropark. I was shooting a round of disc golf on the Original Course with a friend, Jim Daniels, and we had just completed the first of six alternate holes.

Walking to the tee pad on “Hole B”, we observed several novice players foraging about in the tall grass off of the fairway for an errant throw. Signaling that we’d like to play through, they waved us on.

At 330′, I was quite pleased when my sidearm drive landed only ten feet shy of the basket. So to was Jim, as his backhand drive bettered mine by two feet. Both great shots!

As we walked ahead, the other players could be heard talking amongst themselves, suggesting that we must be professional disc golfers. Not an unreasonable assumption, given our two drives. And, it sure sounded good at the time.

Nevertheless, when we arrived at our thrown discs, we each proceeded to miss short putts. At that moment, reality came crashing down and it sounded a lot like amateur