Science Fiction Structures

Mysterious Structure At Sea

Under a cloud-covered sky of stars, a mysterious structure at sea emits a glowing blue light into the night – a beacon to those wishing to discover fun items available in my galleries at Pixels and Redbubble.

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Structures Surreal

Mysterious Pyramid

A mysterious stepped-pyramid glows under the stars at night on a checkered grey and black surface. I used Bryce and Adobe Photoshop software with this design.

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Photography Structures

Sunrise In Egypt

It’s morning with the sun shining brightly on to one of the seven wonders of the world – the Egyptian Pyramids. This digital artwork is based on a photograph and uses several adjustment layers, in addition to creative effects such as shredding, pastels and a cross blur. If you’re interested in a print for a wall in your home or office, then stop by my gallery at Fine Art America.

Products Structures

Desert Pyramid Beach Towel


Beach TowelBlend in on the beach with this desert landscape beach towel (74″ by 37″), featuring an ancient and weathered pyramid design. It has a soft polyester-microfiber front and cotton terry back. Also available as a bath towel (64″ by 32″) or hand towel (30″ by 15″).

Featured Space

The Cosmic Pyramid

Enjoy this colorful and textural artistic rendition of a triangular pyramid structure under a star filled night sky. Watercolor and textural elements make this work a keeper – looks great on many different items…

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