Abstract Geometric Textures Beach Towel

Abstract Geometric Textures Beach Towel

This oversized beach towel has a soft polyester-microfiber front with a cotton terry back, making it perfect for catching a tan in comfort at your local beach! It measures 74″ by 37″ and features abstract geometric modern art in shades of blue and green. Have fun, and don’t forget your suntan lotion!

Abstract 3D Stripes Beach Towel

Abstract 3D Stripes Beach Towel

Lay out like a pro with this super comfy, oversized and uniquely designed beach towel. The soft polyester-microfiber front and cotton terry back are perfect for, well, drying your front and back. It’s machine washable with dimensions of 74″ by 37″. Have fun at the beach this summer, and don’t forget to bring your sunglasses and music!

Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket For The Win

Eight Ball In The Corner Pocket For The Win

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

If you enjoy the game of pool, then you’ll probably like this design of a cue ball, an eight ball and the corner pocket – for the win! It’s a blend of styles, both comic and watercolor, and works well on a variety of gift and apparel items found in my web shops at Society 6, Pixels and Crated. Thanks for stopping by!

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

Eight Ball, Corner Pocket

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

With a sliver of daylight between the nine ball and the rail, this is for the win. Eight ball, corner pocket. Enjoy this graphic design, available on a variety of print types (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, wood, posters and art prints) in my gallery at Pixels. Rack ’em up!

Disc Golf Stories, No. 1

It was summer in the year 1999 and I was visiting a friend in Kalamazoo, with plans to travel north to a disc golf tournament in Grand Rapids, at Earl Brewer Park. We made the trek, but I didn’t play due to a recent injury I’d sustained. Instead, I followed a few groups during the two rounds, watching as a spectator.

When the last round had concluded, players were milling about as the tournament director prepared to close the competition. An announcement was made informing folks that a disc golf cart was being given away to the winner of a long putt contest, as part of a local fundraising event.

Just as everybody turned and began to move with interest toward the designated area, a second announcement was made: nobody had made a hole in one during the tournament, so money in the ace pool remained unclaimed and a shoot-off was getting underway. Not surprisingly, most everyone turned to head in that direction.

So, there I was, standing approximately 100’ from the basket, ready to take my shot. Aside from the guy in charge of the contest, I was the only participant on hand. I placed my folded $1 bill through a cutout slit in the lid of an empty coffee can, assessed the moderately strong right-to-left tailwind, took several steps and launched my running putt out to the right. My 172 gm KC Aviar was airborne…

Wouldn’t you know it, I canned the putt! A few other people were in route to take a shot, but saw that I had already made it, and walked away. No one else tried, and I won the disc golf cart for $1.

Disc Golf Baskets T-shirt

Disc Golf Baskets T-shirt

This colorful disc golfing t-shirt is made with 100% fine jersey cotton combed for softness and comfort, and features a basket on a hill using the droste effect to create the illusion of spinning. Available in many different colors in sizes small-2XL. Enjoy!

Desert Pyramid Beach Towel

Desert Pyramid Beach Towel

Beach TowelBlend in on the beach with this desert landscape beach towel (74″ by 37″), featuring an ancient and weathered pyramid design. It has a soft polyester-microfiber front and cotton terry back. Also available as a bath towel (64″ by 32″) or hand towel (30″ by 15″).

Abstract Geometric Beach Towel

Abstract Geometric Beach Towel

Lay out like a pro with this super comfy, oversized (37″ by 74″) beach towel. Made of soft polyester-microfiber on the front and cotton terry on the back. This design is also available as a bath towel (64″ by 32″) and hand towel (30″ by 15″). Machine washable. Enjoy the warm weather at the beach before summer ends!

Vibrant Motif Round Beach Towel

Vibrant Motif Round Beach Towel

This versatile summer essential is a must-have this season! Perfect for a day at the beach, a picnic, an outdoor music festival, or just general home decor. Enjoy this beach towel, featuring a 60” diameter and made from ultra-soft plush microfiber with a 100% cotton back.

Summer Adventure To The Beach

Summer Adventure To The Beach

Sunshine is beaming across hills of green grass to a beach and the blue waters of summer. The time is now to enjoy the great outdoors, whether in person or through a nostalgic window to days experienced in an earlier time of fond memories. Select a size, frame, mat, paper and finish of your choosing, or consider another of several print varieties available in my gallery – canvas, metal, acrylic, print and posters. Have fun!

Disc Golf Drawstring Backpack

Disc Golf Drawstring Backpack

This drawstring backpack has dimensions of 14.75″ by 17.3″, is made of 100% polyester and is black on the reverse side. Perfect for school, your daily travels or a fun round of disc golf at a local course. And, remember: the shortest distance between two points is an ace – make your shot count!

Colorful Round Beach Towel

Patches Collage Round Beach Towel

Perfect for a day at the beach, a picnic, an outdoor music festival…you name it! This 60″ diameter round beach towel features an abstract colorful patchwork collage design and is made from ultra-soft plush microfiber, with a 100% cotton back. Enjoy!

Sailing On The Pacific Ocean

Sailing The Pacific Ocean

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This photograph of saturated colors features sailboats on the Pacific Ocean under a glowing moon, with sandy California beaches in the foreground. Many print types (framed, canvas, acrylic, metal, posters) are available in my gallery at Pixels, as well as other items…check it out!

Disc Golfer T-shirt

Disc Golfer T-shirt

Enjoy this t-shirt featuring a creative graphic design promoting the great sport of disc golf. Plain color garments are 100% cotton, while other colors are a cotton/polyester blend of varying degrees. Several different styles, sizes and colors to select. Also, rumor has it that people playing disc golf while wearing this apparel have experienced better scores…

Bike Riding Graphic T-shirt

Bike Riding Graphic T-shirt

Enjoy this fun t-shirt featuring a graphic design promoting bicycling. Available in several different sizes and colors, or select another style – many to choose from! The season is changing and the time to enjoy the great outdoors is now!

Lucid Crop Leggings

Lucid Crop Leggings

Time to detox and hit refresh on your worn-out workout gear. Whether your practice takes you miles by the beach or HIITs the spot right at home, our Activewear Crop Leggings are a moisture wicking, odor resistant and all around inspiring addition to your routine.

Lucid Crop Leggings

  • Featuring original artwork by Phil Perkins
  • 4 way stretch for the ultimate in all-day comfort
  • Moisture transport system wicks sweat to keep you cool and dry
  • 88/12 micropoly-elastane blend
  • Garment runs try to size
  • Machine wash cold, hang dry
  • Made in Toronto, Canada

Available at Nuvango.

Sailboats in Sepia Tones Graphic

Sailing Sepia Seas

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

This nautical themed graphic design features sailboats in sepia tones with creative typography. Prints (framed, canvas, poster) are available in several different sizes in my gallery at Crated. Enjoy!

Sunset Golfing Shower Curtain

Sunset Golfing Shower Curtain

Do you or someone you know enjoy the great sport of golf? Are you looking for a unique gift – birthday, Father’s or Mother’s Day? Then, this shower curtain will make a splash with family or friends! Featuring 12 stitch-enforced eyelets for easy hanging, sized at 69″ by 70″ and made with 100% softened polyester. Enjoy!

Brown Park Disc Golf Course

Brown Park Disc Golf Course

Copyright © Perkins Designs LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Prior to being remodeled (and renamed the Mary Beth Doyle Park) several years ago, the frisbee disc golf course in Ann Arbor, Michigan, originally known as “Brown Park”, provided many recreational sport-enthusiasts with a fun (though, often muddy) eighteen hole layout. Here is an old photograph of hole #7, sometimes formerly referred to as ‘Frankenstein’.

Please visit the following galleries to review many items which are available featuring this photograph: Pixels, Redbubble, Society 6, Crated, Artflakes