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Scenic Drive To Norris Dam

I recently enjoyed a scenic drive to Norris Dam, located along the Clinton River between Anderson & Campbell counties, Tennessee.

The hydro-electric dam opened on March 4, 1936, after nearly 2.5 years of construction. It stands 265-feet tall by 1860-feet wide, and has a maximum generating capacity of 126 megawatts.

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Norris Dam State Park includes more than 4000 acres on Norris Reservoir, the largest reservoir on a tributary of the Tennessee River. The park also operates a fully equipped marina with boat ramp, which is available to the general public.

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Tennessee Waterway Landscape


Enjoy this framed print featuring my artistic rendition of an engineered reservoir located in Tennessee. This textural image is based on a photograph I took several years ago, and would serve as a nice decorative addition to your home or place of work. Select from size, frame, mat, paper and finish options to make it your own!