Caney Fork River At Rock Island

I recently visited Twin Falls – which is part of the Rock Island State Park, in Tennessee – and took these photographs of the Caney Fork River. Access to this particular area of the park does entail climbing over some large rocks, with impressive views as an incentive to do so.

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Photographs From Twin Falls, TN

Photographs From Twin Falls, TN

I recently had the opportunity to revisit Twin Falls, at Rock Island State Park in Tennessee, as my previous outing – which also included both Burgess Falls State Park and Rock Island State Park – had exhausted me beyond my capacity to fully appreciate the 80′ waterfalls.

The water source of Twin Falls is the Collins River, which, after merging with the Caney Fork River, is dammed. As a result, the river expanded with greater pressure, subsequently causing water to seep through limestone embankments; hence, the waterfalls emerge through the cliff, rather than over the edge.

Here are some photographs I took –

Following recent rains, the volume of water flowing was significant. If you’re able, I’d recommend hiking down along the rocks in front of Twin Falls to sit and enjoy the scenery. Despite wind and spray generated by falling water, and though the sound may be loud, the views are stunning!

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Video of Twin Falls

Twin Falls At Rock Island State Park

Part Two

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Getting to Twin Falls from the parking area at Caney Fork Gorge is a four mile drive, still within the Rock Island State Park of Tennessee. These falls are not natural – rather, a byproduct of damming the Caney Fork River, and a power house. Interestingly, the water found its way through the limestone; hence, these 80′ waterfalls pour out of the gorge walls, rather than over the edge some 40′ higher.


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Here’s a video of Twin Falls

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Rock Island State Park

Part One

Rock Island State Park is a 883-acre park located on the headwaters of Center Hill Lake at the confluence of the Caney Fork, Collins and Rocky Rivers – in Tennessee. The rugged beauty of the park includes the Caney Fork Gorge below Great Falls Dam. Scenic overlooks – see header image – provide some of the most beautiful views along the Eastern Highland Rim.

While the park contains several different areas of interest, this was my second park-visit in one day – see Burgess Falls State Park. As such, most of my photography originates primarily from within the Caney Fork Gorge.